Shareholder of a sustainable future

Creating value for present and future generations alike.

Best Fresh wants to create value for present and future generations alike. We do this by being involved in the entire supply chain and by embedding sustainability in our companies. Our sustainability policy is based on three pillars: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Good Employment Practices and Sustainable Business Operations.


Sustainable Supply Chain Management

The companies affiliated with Best Fresh market around 150 million kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables annually and operate at the heart of the supply chain. We aim to offer sustainable value to all our partners in that chain. That is why we, for example, set strict requirements for our suppliers in the areas of quality, safety, social standards and the environment. We deliberately opt for additional quality marks, such as organic and socially certified products. This way we take responsibility for the goods we trade. We strive for added value in the chain and inspire consumers to consume sustainably.

Good Employment Practices

We demonstrate Good Employment Practices in a variety of ways. For example, by regularly investigating employee satisfaction, offering training and development opportunities, paying close attention to a safe working environment, and by offering employees a Fresh Box of fruit and vegetables at least once a month.

At our cultivation companies in Tanzania, we show Good Employment Practices by offering free medical help and meals and by supporting local schools.

In cooperation with ‘MVO Westland’, we create suitable work within our cooperative for people with a disadvantage on the labour market.

Sustainable Business Operations

We make our business operations more sustainable through efficiency and innovation. We use renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and geothermal energy. at our logistics service provider sustainability is aligned with efficiency. Shipments are bundled to reduce empty kilometers to a minimum; and we actively seek the shortest routes. Additionally, our drivers adhere to a driving-efficiency standards and receive regular training.

To prevent food waste, we support the Fruit & Vegetable Brigade, this organisation collects either misshaped fresh fruit and vegetables or product with a shorter shelf-life to donate to the Food Bank.

Best Fresh Foundation

In 2010, employees of our affiliated companies founded the Best Fresh Foundation. This ANBI foundation (public benefit organisation) supports charities and social initiatives close to home.