About the Best Fresh Group

Buyers are looking for the convenience of a complete assortment of fruit and veg in one single address. To those customers the Best Fresh Group is the ultimate supplier. 

Our specialists market and trade a complete yearround assortment of fruit and vegetables. We cooperate closely with a selected group of qualified producers. Evidently, logistics are and integrated part of this chain between grower and retailer. It shows the power of cooperation and specialisation. So join the Best Ideas in Fresh!

The Best Fresh Group is a group of companies that are experts in packing, marketing and distributing fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Every member of the group is an independent company with its own specialisation. That is exactly what the name Best Fresh Group means: each company is a leader in its sector. 

The added value of this group is the advantages that can be gained through total quality management, personnel affairs, marketing and communication, ICT and administration. Sharing that knowledge within Best Fresh Group optimises the benefits and minimised the costs. To the advantage of not only the participating companies but also our suppliers and customers in the long run.