Best Fresh Group takes no risks with food safety

The EHEC crisis in 2011 proved once and for all why food safety is essential. Long before this happened, the Best Fresh Group companies had already started taking strict measures in order to guarantee quality under all circumstances. What actions are taken by the various companies to guarantee their buyers a reliable product?

Companies in the Best Fresh Group meet the conditions required for certifications such as IFS, BRC, QS and HACC P. Doing so covers many risks according to Gerard. ‘We take all possible measures to prevent the contamination of products. Random samples are regularly taken to laboratories where they are tested for the presence of chemical residues and contamination by microorganisms.’

Food safety in exotic produce: not a simple matter
Yex imports exotic produce from all corners of the world. Their assortment includes pomegranates, mangos, avocados, passion fruit and cape gooseberries. Growers of these products are also expected to use crop protection responsibly. Martijn de Graaf, director at Yex, explains why this is not all that simple. ‘Many exotic products are cultivated on a small scale in countries like Vietnam, Kenya and Colombia. These products, too, have to fulfil the conditions set by large German and British retailers. It is not hard to carry a large assortment but for reasons of food safety we choose to select our suppliers and products carefully.’

Safety as a selling point
Because Yex enters into long-term business relationships with its suppliers, it is able to invest jointly in quality and safety. In doing so, the emphasis lies on food safety. ‘We clearly state which agents can and cannot be used.’