Best Fresh Foundation

Best Fresh Foundation brings together help for good causes
The Best Fresh Foundation is part of the Best Fresh Group’s CSR policy. A number of charities that can count on our companies’ support come under this banner. It is an umbrella foundation for all companies who wish to support good causes and community initiatives in a structured way. These initiatives can be local by nature, but in a group whose companies operate internationally, ‘local’ can mean anywhere in the world. Naturally, the projects that can count on the Foundation’s support will always have some form of link with the group.

Initiated by the people on the work floor
Many companies are active in corporate social responsibility schemes such as Fair Trade. The Best Fresh Group is no exception. What makes this organisation exceptional, however, is the fact that one of these schemes was not initiated by the powers that be (the management) but by the people on the work floor. In 2010, the staff working at the group’s affiliated companies decided it was time they accepted their own responsibility. The Best Fresh Foundation was born. Its objective? Supporting charities close to home.